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Neck Pain and Pinched Nerves

"I woke up yesterday morning with severe neck pain that radiates down my right arm to my hand and I can barely move my neck without producing the shooting arm pain." Or, "...for the last few months, I've had this nagging pain in my neck and when I look up, my arm goes numb." Or, [..]

Whiplash – What is the Best Type of Treatment?

Whiplash usually occurs when the head is suddenly whipped or snapped due to a sudden jolt, usually involving a motor vehicle collision. However, it can also occur from a slip and fall injury. So the question on deck is, which of the healthcare services best addresses the injured whiplash patient?This question was investigated in a [..]

Chiropractic Care For Low Back Pain - What Does the Research Say?

There has been a debate for years regarding the use of spinal manipulation and its benefits in the treatment of low back pain. Since the founding of chiropractic in 1895, the initial reaction against the early pioneer chiropractors resulted in doctors of chiropractic (DCs) being incarcerated for "…practicing medicine without a license." But chiropractors kept forging [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) – A New Treatment Approach!

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common of the peripheral nerve conditions and occurs when the median nerve is compressed or pinched at the wrist. The resulting symptoms of numbness/pain in the wrist, index, third, and fourth fingers; multiple sleep interruptions; frequent shaking and flicking of the hand/fingers; difficulty in gripping or pinching, such [..]

Fibromyalgia – What is it... Exactly?

There are many conditions that can be attributed to specific causes with a clear origin and means of diagnosis. However, there are also conditions that are obscure and can only be diagnosed by eliminating other, more common conditions. Fibromyalgia (FM) is one such condition in that the degree of pain and disability can be profound [..]

Chiropractic Care and the Elderly

The chiropractic treatment of low back pain (LBP) has been reported to be very safe and highly effective. In fact, in 1994, guidelines were published recommending that chiropractic treatment of low back pain should be a first consideration / treatment of choice over other forms of back care health services. Since that time, more and [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) – A "Typical" Case Example

"I’ve been working on the line for 13 years and started noticing periodic tingling in my fingers. It didn’t last long and I didn’t think about it much. It gradually became more frequent and wouldn’t go away when I changed my activity or shook my hand or fingers. It started to really grab my attention [..]

Fibromyalgia Diet?

There has been much discussion about Fibromyalgia (FM) regarding the symptoms, therapies, medications, exercise, and more, but there is not a lot of discussion about a very important daily activity: eating! It’s such a simple thing… so simple it seems to have been overlooked.One FM diet suggests a 3:3:4 ratio for fats, carbs, and protein, respectively, and to eat [..]

Chiropractic Care and Headaches

"I can’t believe how much my head hurts!" I’ve been laid off from work for the last 3 weeks and worried about making my mortgage payment this month – I think the stress is getting out of control! Pain starts in my neck and radiates into my head eventually making my whole head hurt, especially [..]

Whiplash – Can This Really Happen To YOU?

You’re stopped at red light awaiting a left turn into the grocery store parking lot when out of nowhere, you hear the screeching of tires, you turn your head and look into the rear view mirror and see that you’re about to be hit from behind. Then, "POW!" The sudden force of the impact propels [..]